What To Consider When Buying a Bass Guitar

There are a lot of different important aspects of a bass guitar that determine if it’s right for you! Read this article to gain a better understanding of how to shop for a bass guitar.

Your Style and Sound

Certain types of basses work really well for one style of playing, so ask yourself what type of music you play most often. It may help to look at what your favorite bass players are using for their genre.

Hofner basses are suited well for an early rock n’ roll sound, where schecter bass guitars have a reputation for “metal” type sounds. Pick what genre fits your style.

4 or More Strings?

I’ve already done a post on 4 and 5 string bass guitars. I prefer 4 string but I can see the appeal of having 5 or 6 strings. Choose what you like and what feels most comfortable when you are playing it at the short.

The Look

You should like how the bass looks, cause you are going to be seeing that beauty all the time. If you like wood finish, buy a bass with wood finish. If you like solid black, buy a solid black bass. That being said, it isn’t too difficult to paint a bass (though I’ve never tried it).

Hopefully this short guide has helped you pick out what bass is perfect for you. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Unconventional Items For Your Practice Space

This post will talk about the different things I have around my practice place. Consider adding some of these things to help make your space more productive.


I like to have a glass of water near me when I’m practicing, as long as the water has not chance of spilling on anything! It keeps me hydrated and feeling great while I’m just sitting there and playing.

You can choose whatever you want to drink, but water is much better for you than soda or alcohol.

Paper and Pencil

I like to use a pencil to jot down any song ideas or any other ideas for that matter. I choose a pencil over a pen because I can quickly erase or rewrite something if I come up with a better idea.

Drum Software

I like to practice with the hydrogen drum software, even if it’s just a simple pattern getting repeated. This helps me write new material and think of writing as a “whole band” thing, not just the bass.


It is really important to be comfortable when you are playing, and that includes temperature too. My room can be cold, so I fight that with a nearby sweatshirt I can throw on and keep rocking.

Hopefully this helps you out some, and if you have some other suggestions, let me know!

Finding Inspiration to Keep Playing Bass

Sometimes it can seem like you hit the wall in your bass playing, and are not sure why or how to continue. Here’s a guide to breaking out of that rut.

Watching Other Players

Either go on youtube and search for cool bass videos, or actually go to a show and watch an inspiring bass player live. I do this all of the time, and I’ve posted a few times under the category “videos” for your inspiration.

I also really enjoy going to live shows and watching other people play their instruments. If you get a chance, make sure you take a look at their gear, and if possible, try to strike up a conversation with the bass player.

Learning Something New

Try to keep learning new types of techniques and different genres. I started off as a “rock” style bassist and joined a jazz band. I learned a lot of different things that I could directly apply to my “rock” style playing. Never stop learning new things!

Playing With Others

If you find yourself in a creative rut, try playing bass with other musicians. They may have some cool song ideas that you can add to and help create an even better song.

Use those 3 suggestions to keep you inspired and moving forward with your bass playing.

4 New Riff Exercises

Back again with four new super awesome bass guitar riffs. Start off slow and build your speed and technique up.

The Highlighter

bass pick tab

Fall, Again

beginner bass tab

Weird And Strange

weird advanced bass tab

Growing Up

cool bass riff tab

Have fun with those riffs and make sure you put in some of your style. “Weird and Strange” doesn’t really fit into a 4/4 structure, but I think you will be able to figure it out if you keep trying.

5 Things You Need to Play Bass Guitar

Five products are extremely important for playing bass guitar, especially for beginning bass players who want to improve their skills quickly.

The Appropriate Bass

Having the right bass guitar is important for every bass player. Make sure you pick the right bass for your style of playing.

Punk and alternative rock suits itself to a P Bass with plenty of hard picking. Jazz players often find a J Bass to be very  suiting for more contemporary style. It all depends on you!

An Amplifier

You have to get heard somehow. I recommend that you start off with a small combo amp until you are ready to make a larger investment in a bigger combo or half stack amplifier.

I have three types of amplifiers- a 45 watt combo, 300 watt half stack, and a pair of studio monitors I can use on the go. They are awesome and are really good for my style.

A Training Program

Whether you learn best by reading this blog, or others, or going to a professional teacher, all that matters is that it fits your style. I took lessons from a bass player in my area for 3 years, and it was perfect for me while I was starting out.

Some Goals

You should have some goals in order to keep yourself motivated and always moving forward as a bass player. Some good examples are: join a band, play some shows, go on tour, and release a full length CDs.


Having the correct bass attitude and mindset is critical in life and bass playing. Remember that the best bass players in the world also practice several hours every day, for many years. Don’t get discouraged and don’t quit!