SEP 22 2011

3 Finger Technique – Galloping


A less popular method of playing bass is to use three fingers, most often the index, middle, and ring finger. There are a few reasons why you would want to do this-
1. Play faster
2. Access to more strings at all times
3. The galloping technique
4. If you injure a finger, you can just switch to 2 finger technique

It’s exactly the same style as an earlier post, how to play bass with your fingers. Just add the third finger into the mix, starting slowly and building up speed.

Play the tab below to practice:

3 finger bass tab

Next, try the galloping technique. It’s difficult to describe, you can listen for the technique in this video. Rhythmically play three notes quickly, take a tiny break, and repeat. Try out this tab:

3 finger gallop technique

Keep practicing and try to work it into any fast songs you are learning. Don’t get frustrated! Leave any questions or technique tips below.

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