SEP 16 2011

3 Strategies For Better Practice


beginning bass practiceThese 3 simple practice strategies will help you grow as a bass player, in all aspects!

1. No Distractions

It helps if you know what you want to accomplish, and how, before you even pick up the bass. Consider turning your cell phone off and keeping only sites related to bass guitar on the internet open.

This will help you focus in, whether it’s learning a new song or learning a technique. Just do it, without being distracted.

2. Pick The Right Environment

This goes hand in hand with no distractions. You need to practice in a comfortable environment, not too hot or cold. If you are too hot, that’s all you’ll think about, and you will sweat! Too cold, and your hands will take a while to fully warm up.

Set the room to a comfortable temperature. If it’s too hot, bring a fan in your room, that’s what I’ve found works the best. The right environment will help you remain focused on your goals for that practice session.

3. Try Something New

Keep your hands and fingers guessing by mixing up your practice with new riffs and techniques to master. If you usually play rock, try learning some jazz riffs, you get the idea.

The best way to grow as a player is by better practicing, and by using these three tips, you can achieve just that! Leave any comments or criticisms below.

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