Beginning Bass Guitar

I've compiled this guide to be the essential resource for beginning bass guitar. The different sections of this bass guitar guide are divided up to try and help you out the most.

Before You Start Playing Your Bass

Tips for Bass Shopping
If you have no idea how to start or what to look for in a bass, read this article.

So You Bought A Bass... Now What?
This is a perfect article if you are unsure of what to do once you get a bass guitar in your hand. It basically boils down into three things: figure out how you want to learn bass, buying any other necessary accessories you need, and determining your practice schedule.

Bass Guitar Anatomy
This article was designed to introduce you to the beauty that is a bass guitar. From tuning peg to internal electronics, this guide has everything you need to know.

Other Things You'll Need to Play Bass
A short list of what accessories you will need like amplifiers, strings, and a tuner. There are some other things listed but you'll just have to check out the full article to find out exactly what.



How to Read Bass Guitar Tabs
If you are unsure of how to read bass tabs this guide will show you the simplicity of bass guitar tablature. It's not as hard as it looks and is a great way to start out if you are struggling with sight reading.

How To Play Bass with Your Fingers
If you are not really sure what technique to use for your right hand you need to check out this bass guide. Critical for beginners.

Playing Bass with a Pick
If you want to play rock bass you have to read this guide. Playing bass guitar with a pick is critical to achieving the grunge and grit associated with most forms of rock.


Building Your Skills - Lessons

6 Left Hand Dexterity Exercises
Exactly what is says: 6 great riffs that will help you build a stronger left hand.

Right Hand Bass Exercises
The counterpart to your left hand is improving your right hand. There are lots of right hand exercises on that you can play today.

 How To Play Slap Bass
Playing slap and pop bass is critical for success in funk bass. Don't go to a jam without reading this article.


Expanding Your Horizons

Bass Guitar Exercises
The whole list of all the different left hand and right hand exercises that BB has to offer beginning bass players.

Starting A Band: Tips and Tricks
The best way to get better at bass is to play with other musicians. This can be hard if you've jammed with others or started a band.

5 Tips For Playing With A Drummer
Bass players and drummers go together like chocolate and peanut butter, or any other great combination. Don't get left in the dust when it comes time to jam.

Music Theory for Bass Guitar
A little knowledge of bass guitar music theory can go a long way. BB has a list of articles that will give you the basics and some more advanced knowledge if you seek it.

The Ball Is In Your Court
It's your time to play bass guitar. Don't make any excuses, take action. Practice everyday and see the results roll in slowly but steadily!

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