Bass Guitar Secrets


We don’t want to burst your bubble in the first sentence, but there really is no Secret Recipe or Formula for becoming a Bass guitar legend. However, there are patterns that successful bass players follow that lead to success. We outline a few of these methods in this post.

Practice EVERY Day

Practicing bass everyday is a great way to map out your progress and see maximum results for your efforts. I’ve written quite a few articles about different practice habits and tips that you need to check out.

- Setting a Daily Practice Time
- Creating the Perfect Practice Environment
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Don’t Make Excuses, Make Goals

I tackled this topic in my Bass Resolutions and Goals post earlier this year. Basically you just need to have clear goals in order to see results and track your progress as a bass player. It’s really that simple. Don’t go and watch all the “Pros” on You Tube and say “I will never be that Good…” YES you will if you want to be. How do you think those guys started?

Get Out And Play

The easiest way to become a better bass player is to go find some fellow musicians and start a band. Even just jamming with a few friends is a great way to improve your musical skills in a noticeable way (especially drummers). Don’t be shy when it comes to bass! And it’s Fun!

 Get Help

Asking for help is hard for a lot of people, me included. I personally advocate the use of a 1-on-1 bass instructor because that is how I started learning how to really play bass. There is no shame in just asking others that play bass for a few pointers. You will pass it on to a newbie someday.

Learn Basic Music Theory

You don’t have to be Mozart to know the benefits of learning some music theory for the bass guitar. There are plenty of good articles on like pentatonic scales, octaves, and the basic major scales.

In Conclusion

There are no secrets to playing bass. Some people are just naturally more inclined to see progress more quickly, and that’s alright. You can keep up by setting aside daily practice time and working extra hard.

If you have any bass guitar secrets let me know with a comment below!

Just Play Today

Instead of working on a new technique or song, just play. Have fun and just enjoy the fact that you get to play bass.

You might want to try writing a song or riff. This is a creative way to come up with cool new riffs or song ideas to bring to your band.

Play a song, but try to create a different bass line. This can be hard for some types of music but for most rock songs you should be able to play along with the song.

Just do something fun and remember why you love to play bass.

Give Thanks For Bass

It’s the week of thanksgiving and I’m thinking of all the things I am thankful for- family, friends, and bass.

Keep in mind that playing bass is a priveledge that not many people get to experience.

Cherish it.

Be thankful for all your gear and experience and talent.

That’s all!

What Sports Can Teach You About Bass Playing

This article focuses on some aspects of athletics or sports that can also be applied to bass playing. If you’re not into sports, don’t worry. This article will still appeal to you!

No Pain, No Gain

A classic saying that carries a lot of weight. Playing bass can be painful- wrist and arm cramps, blisters, and other bass related injuries.

There are certain ways to prevent these injuries, but sooner or later you are going to feel a little pain from playing bass. Do not let this stop you, but be cautious about what is right for your body.

There Is No “I” In Team

When you are playing in a band environment there is no individual that stands above the rest. While some members like the lead guitarist or singer may appear more important, that is simply not true.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

I can’t write a single article without making a comment about practice! Specifically perfect practice, because sometimes regular practice just doesn’t cut it.

Perfect practice is basically you maintaining a focus on technique and quality. Make sure you keep on task and work hard to maximize results and minimize time.

Did these sports metaphors make any sense? Let me know with a comment below.

4 Characteristics You Need to Learn Bass

There are four key qualities you need in order to succeed at learning and playing bass. Check out the list:

1. Perseverance

I’ve said it one hundred times: Do not quit. You can take breaks while learning bass, but you should never just give up. Perseverance is the ability to keep going even when you can’t seem to master one riff or learn that new technique.

2. Motivation

Sometimes you just don’t feel like playing, but you have to stay motivated. I advocate practicing everyday, even if you can only play for 10 minutes, that’s better than nothing!

I have posted some inspirational videos if you check the beginning bass archives.

3. Curiosity

What I mean by curiosity is the want to always be learning more songs and techniques. You should be thirsty for knowledge and want to always be improving your bass playing.

If you usually play rock bass, try learning some jazz licks or samba riffs. It will improve your playing in all aspects.

4. Boldness

My personal opinion is that the fastest way to learn bass is to play with other musicians. You’ll figure it out faster than you could even imagine.

Where does boldness fit in? You have to be bold to go out and play with other musicians. It takes guts to get on stage also. Don’t underestimate this characteristic!

Hopefully this article cleared some things up for you. Leave a comment below!