4 Awesome New Riffs (Tabs)

Check out these 4 completely original bass riffs that will hep you gain some speed and agility for your bass playing.

Ace of Diamonds

advanced bass riff tab

Cookie Jar

intermediate bass tab


speed bass playing tab


funky bass lick

Try alternating between playing with your fingers and playing with a pick. Start slow with the riff and then build up speed.

Add on your own parts to these bass riff and try to create a unique lick that is your own.

Leave a comment below about what you did to make the bass riff your own.

4 New Riff Exercises

Back again with four new super awesome bass guitar riffs. Start off slow and build your speed and technique up.

The Highlighter

bass pick tab

Fall, Again

beginner bass tab

Weird And Strange

weird advanced bass tab

Growing Up

cool bass riff tab

Have fun with those riffs and make sure you put in some of your style. “Weird and Strange” doesn’t really fit into a 4/4 structure, but I think you will be able to figure it out if you keep trying.

2 Advanced Exercises

Today’s two tabs are all about speed and finer agility. Put yourself to the test!

The Switch

advanced bass riff tab lesson

It seems pretty easy until you get hit by the weird, but cool, transition from end to restart. The jump from E-6 (A#) to D-7 (E) is unnatural but awesome. Start slow and build up to epic speeds to improve your finger dexterity.

Stranger Danger

advanced bass lick tab

A monster of a good riff. The 10/// means a long slide from the 10th fret on the A string all the way to the first fret. Have lots of fun with this one, and consider playing it with some heavy distortion to rock out.

Remember to start slow until you know the riff, and work your way up to shredding speeds. Comments or questions? Leave them below.

More Right Hand Exercises

The original right hand exercises post has gotten a lot of attention, so I’m going to add 4 more right hand exercises to help you build your speed and stamina.

Back of the bus

fun bass tab


cool hard bass tab

Monday Morning

funky bass riff


Fairy Dust

awesome bass riff



Video of me playing each exercise (sloppily):

right hand bass exercises part 2



Try to build up speed and add your own style to each bass tab. Keep practicing!

4 Cool Bass Riff Exercises

I put together a short list of four awesome bass exercises. Remember to start slow, then build up to blazing speed!

Easy Breeze

bass guitar practice tab

The Weird One

strange bass tab

Mello-Bass [Make sure you let the "~" notes ring out]

mellow bass line

Guard Your Bass

advanced bass tab

Remember to have fun while you play, otherwise you are just wasting your time. I may post a video of my playing the riffs later on!

Please leave a comment or suggestion below!