OCT 04 2011

Creating The Perfect Practice Environment


Where you are practicing can be as important as what you are practicing. Take a second and look around your practice space.

Is it a practice space? Or is it just your amp with some stacks of paper on top of it? Here are some easy ways perfect your practice environment.


You should be able to find anything at anytime in your practice space. Consider buying some binders for keeping your printed out tabs and sheet music organized. It might also be smart to buy a custom desk built for musicians.

Wrap up your cords and store them, rather than waiting for someone to step on them or a chair to roll over them.

Keep it Clean

Vacuum your floor and dust your amps. Your practice place shouldn’t be littered with last night’s dinner or a stray cup of water. This will help with the organization also.

Right Resources

I always have my chromatic tuner and metronome right next to me. Those are basically my two essential practice tools. I also have a space I can put my laptop if I’m reading the tab off the computer.

Distraction Free

It’s easy to get distracted by your cell phone or something on the internet. Resist the urge to break up your practice time so you can stay focused and become a better bassist.

Got any tips? I’d like to see some pictures of everyone’s practice environment also!

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