SEP 11 2011

Hammer-on’s and Pull-off’s


Understanding and utilizing hammer-on’s and pull-off’s is critical for expanding your skills as a bass player.

Hammer-on: Where you have start by playing a note “lower” on the fretboard and then pressing down firmly with your left hand on a higher fret, without playing the second note with your hand.

The tab below is an example of a hammer-on. Notes that follow a “h” are hammered-on, notes with no preceding “h” are played by the right hand. Same goes for “p” and pull-offs.

hammer on bass tab

Pull-off: The opposite of a hammer-on, where you are fretting a higher note and then “pull-off” the fret while holding a lower fret (or an open string.)

pull off bass tab

Hammer-on’s and pull-off’s are often found in bass guitar tabs and can help you play the riff with the exact same technique that the original player used.

Try out these tabs to practice hammer-on’s and pull-off’s.

custom bass tab


major scale bass hammer on pull off

This technique becomes easier the more you practice it. Don’t get discouraged and take some breaks if your want to or your hand is sore.

Any questions or comments should be left below!

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