DEC 12 2011

Playing Bass In A Band


My favorite method I advise for someone who is trying to learn how to play bass is to join a band or start jamming with other musicians.

Joining A Band

You can start a band with a group of friends or try and find a local band that is actively looking for a bass player. You can use different sites to find bands like Craigslist. Or, a local bulletin board may contain some information or fliers about bands trying to find bass players.

Starting a band can be a great idea but it takes more time and resources. Just keep that in mind before you get excited and take the plunge.

Start Playing Music

There are basically two types of bands, original and cover/tribute. Writing original songs can be difficult but it is the only way you will ever be able to tour. It is harder to start this way but can be more rewarding.

A cover bands plays a bunch of different songs by different artists, and a tribute band plays only songs performed by one band. Small difference, but worth the distinction.

Get Some Shows

There are basically two types of shows, individual performances and tours. Individual performances are easier for cover bands to get because the owner of the venue will know exactly what to expect. As you build up your local following of fans as an original band it will become much easier to get shows.

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