NOV 28 2011

Tips For Bass Shopping


Here are a few helpful tips for when you have to go to the store and pick out a bass for your own personal present.

The Look

You should like the way the bass looks. It seems obvious, but a lot of people overlook the importance of aesthetics. How are you going to stand up on stage in front of people if you don’t even like the way your bass looks?

The Feel

When you pick up the bass and start playing, how does it feel? This matters a lot and ultimately should be the deciding factor of whether you are going to buy the bass or try the next one.

The Feeling

Commonly confused with the feel, the feeling is the emotional connection you feel when you start playing the bass. There are different feelings that can be associated with different basses. You may get nostalgic, happy, sad, or frustrated. Pick an emotion that you want to have while playing the bass in order to help narrow your bass search.

The Price

As much as we all wish each bass was affordable to us, it’s just not true. When I go to a store I may play a little on some expensive basses, but I try to keep it realistic.

No reason to get upset because you can’t buy the $6000 8 string beast-of-a-bass.

Hopefully this list helped you gain some perspective on your next bass buying experience. As always, try in store, buy online.

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